Instructions for authors

Heart and Blood Vessels is the official journal of the Serbian Cardiology Society and publishes Original articles, Case reports, Cardiovascular images, Review articles and Special articles. It is mandatory to enclose, along with the manuscript, a letter to the Editor-in-chief stating that the manuscript:
• has not been previously published or is currently submitted for review to another journal
• was read and approved by all authors

The manuscript with all appendices should be addressed to:
Prof. Miodrag Ostojic, MD, PhD
Editor-in-Chief, Heart and Blood Vessels
and mailed to, and

The Editorial Board will send it to reviewers for evaluation. Reviewers’ comments will be forwarded to the author to either correct the original manuscript in accord with the suggestions or to express their opinion with adequate arguments in a letter to the Editor-in-chief explaining why they refrained from doing as reviewers deemed appropriate. The final decision will be made by the Editor-in-Chief together with the Editorial Board whether to accept the manuscript for publishing or not. For published manuscripts authors don’t get fees, while copyright is transferred to the publisher. The journal is published in Serbian with summaries in English. Foreign authors can submit their manuscripts entirely in English.
We kindly request authors to keep their manuscripts for Heart and Blood Vessels clear, concise, rational, grammatically correct and in accord with the following instructions.


Manuscript text should be prepared using a Word processing package, in Times New Roman font size 12. All margins set at 25mm of an A4 page, with no alignment and 10mm tab at the beginning of each paragraph. In case special signs are used, please use Symbol font. Keep page numbering in the footer, starting from the Title page. References should be marked by order of appearance in the text in Arabic numerals in round brackets. The manuscript should be submitted in the following order:

• Title Page,
• Abstract,
• Body of the text,
• Tables, Figures’ descriptions,
• Figures or photographs.

Title page. A separate, first page should encompass the following:
• the title
• the name(s) of authors,
• the institution(s) and location of all authors (Please, index in Arabic numerals the different Institutions by order of appearance),
• short title,
• at the bottom of the page cite the corresponding author with his contact address, phone, fax number and email address.

Abstract. Next page should contain a 250 words abstract. Original papers should encompass: Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusion. Structured form of abstracts is not mandatory for case reports, review and special articles, but should not exceed 150 words.
The text should encompass: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, and References. Subtitles should be typed in regular font and bold. Short and simple sentences are advised. For medication, it is recommended not to use trade names, but their generic names. Abbreviations can be used in the text, but only when necessary and properly introduced. All results should be cited in standard SI units.
An original paper should be up to 4000 words.
A Case Report consists of an Introduction, Case presentation, Discussion and References. A Case Report should be up to 1500 words. Cardiovascular Images shouldn’t be structured and should be up to 500 words.
Review and Special Articles don’t have to be structured and shouldn’t exceed 5000 words.

References. References should be marked in order of appearance in Arabic numerals. The number of quoted references shouldn’t exceed 50 out of which 80% should be original articles. It is advised to avoid abstracts as references. When quoting papers that are accepted for publishing, however, not yet published, mark them as in press and enclose a printed proof of the manuscripts’ acceptance. References are quoted according to Vancouver style based on the formats used by National Library of Medicine and Index Medicus. Journals’ titles should be shortened in accord with Index Medicus (no full stops after the abbreviation). If the paper quoted has over 6 authors, after the third one, et al. should be used Pages are quoted as first and last (i.e. 134-136). Article citation example: Leal J, Ramon Luengo-Fermnandes R, Gray A, Petersen S, Rayner M. Economic burden of cardiovascular diseases in the enlarged European Union. Eur Heart J 2006;27:1610-1619.

Book citation example: Nichols A, Rourke MH. Aging and hypertension. In: Hypertension. Editors: Nichols A, Rourke MH. Lea and Febiger;London/Melbourne, 1990:257-299.

Tables are marked in order of appearance in Arabic numerals. Tables should be prepared using a Word processing package, Times New Roman font size 12, single spaced with no indent. Each Table should have a title. If abbreviations are used in the Table, they should be defined in the explanatory footnote below. Each table should be presented on a separate page.

Figures are marked in order of appearance in Arabic numerals. Please, provide on seprate page Figure legends. Each Figure should be prepared on a separate page using following format: ppt, ai or eps.

Photographs are marked in order of appearance in Arabic numerals. Only original photographs are accepted (black and white or color) on glossy paper. The back of each photograph should have the number and an arrow marking the top. The photograps should be prepared in following format: tip, eps, or ai, with minimal resolution of 300dpi.

Note. A paper not fully compliant with all aforementioned rules and regulations, will not be forwarded to reviewers, but returned to authors for correction. The Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board can reject any manuscript they deem not in the scope of the journal or not acceptable in terms of baseline quality of publishing material, even prior seeking reviewers’ opinion.

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